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Before coming up to Alaska this summer, I picked up Canon’s new point and shoot waterproof & shockproof camera, the Powershot D10.  It’s 12.1 mega pixels, takes fairly decent shots, and I especially like it for the rainy weather common to Southeast AK. It’s also a lot of fun to play around with the underwater video capabilities. I could go more indepth with the technical specs and what not, if I did that I’d be telling you more than I know.  In sum, it’s just a badass camera that’s perfect for fishing, and I’d recommend it to anyone. Here’s a couple short clips from some steelhead releases:


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Here’s some video that I took this May while fishing a small Southeast AK steelhead stream. It’s a bit shaky, but if you pay attention you’ll see a nice steelhead that was swimming just a couple feet in front of me.

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