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I was looking at some pictures when I suddenly remembered about a fishing journey that I had in the area of Silkeborg, Denmark.

All started when I went to visit my sister in the city of Silkeborg in the month of June. I didn’t know anything about fishing in the area,  so as any would normally do, I searched for a local angler. My sister introduce me to Tomy, a well known fisherman of the area and we agreed to fish together the following day in a lake located just out from the city.

We prepared the equipment, 8 weight rod and a sink tip line or shooting head line,  a very thick tippet and the fly was made out of flashabou that looked like a Christmas tree.  Rowing in a small boat we fished this greenish looking water, trying to catch a fish that I never fished for before, the Pike. We didn’t fish much until the first fish took, wasn’t hard to bring it in, but the take felt really good, almost like a fresh water dorado. I was lucky to catch a pretty decent one at the end, anyway, it was a great fishing day in a new fishing place.

Thanks Tomy for the great fishing day. Check out some pics,


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