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We had been planning  this expedition since we started with the operation “Far end Rivers” at the Irigoyen river.

We decided to start the 3rd week of january, exploring south into the uninhabited peninsula looking for sea run brown trout. We had no preliminary info at all, only a lot of hope,  which is the most important thing doing  an exploration trip…

Saturday night we put all our stuff together, not much anyway. A tent, sleeping bags, some food and enough fuel to get there and come back … sunday morning we started to ride the quad, it was a difficult way, we had to go along the beach and over huge capes full of rocks,. it took us 5 hours to get to the river mouth, it was a nice tea colored river…

Next morning we started research, from the river mouth to as far as we could get upstream. The river was beautiful and untouched, we fished at least 10 miles of river, it had very slow flow, also when the tide was going up, the river would get full of sea water, bringing a lot of food for the resident fish, which was pretty interesting for us. That day after a couple of hours of fishing  we caught the first sea trout reported on that river a beautiful 7 pounds  and several more later on.  After that no matter what the trip was a success.

It was a great experience for us… We got back to “far end rivers” lodge 2 days Later with very good news…

Soon we will be  down again  trying to get a monster sea trout, sure there is!!!!!!

Check out this pics.


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