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I was really looking forward to do this trip. My plan was to go to the lodge called La Zona in the city of Concordia to fish the last days of the season, and after that, travel north to fish the upper Parana River in Corrientes province.

The weather was balmy and expert Dorado fisherman say that fishing for them while the weather is cold can be tricky.  Luckily we proved them wrong.

I arrived to La Zona  on Tuesday and got ready to start fishing the next morning. Ten weight rod and 350 grains line was my main set up -heavy stuff.  That night the temperature was 0,6 degrees C.

Early in the  morning, Hector (the manager of the operation) picked me up and we headed to the river. The start  was slow but picked up quickly, and at the end was fantastic.  I broke my personal Dorado record.

Next morning I went fishing again, this time my guide was Enzo, an expert guide of these waters.  The weather was a bit warmer than the day before. We caught ten Dorados total, which surprised Enzo,  he thought the fishing was going to be very slow cause of the cold weather.

It was very surprising to see such a healthy Dorado population. Their tails are perfect intact, unlike the ragged and bite-ridden tails common of Dorados who share their habitat with big populations of Piraña (these fish bite the Dorados tail, sometimes taking big pieces of them).

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