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Argentina Fishing Trip

Being the 8th largest country in the world, Argentina offers an incredible diversity of angling options. This is in part what makes deciding where to fish in a limited amount of time such a difficult proposition. Imagine coming to the US for the first time & only having 3 weeks to experience the best of what our country has to offer. Do you target trout, steelhead, tarpon, redfish, salmon, bass or some combination of the above? And where? When? With which guides? The possibilities are mind-boggling.

Argentina challenges us with  a similar dilemma (if you call too many fishing options a dilemma). For the sake of brevity, there are essentially 3 target species found within Argentina, and they inhabit different corners of the country:

  • In the north, Dorado occupy the Rio de la Plata basin, and are unique to this watershed.  Dorado is arguably one of the best freshwater flyrod species on earth, though they remain relatively unknown to many foreign anglers.
  • In northern/central Patagonia, multitudes of pristine rivers & lakes provide habitat for robust populations of brown, rainbow and brook trout. This is the most popular destination among visiting anglers.
  • In southern Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego, the world’s best runs of sea trout (i.e. anadromous brown trout), draw anglers from around the globe to brave the elements for a chance at 20 + pounders.

To experience all of these fisheries would be much like fishing for tarpon in Florida, steelhead in Alaska, and trout in Montana all in one fell swoop. It’s the ultimate fishing itinerary, and requires a minimum of 3 weeks to pull it off without cutting yourself short in any one destination. Trips like this are my favorite to plan because they are a non-stop, whirlwind fishing adventure hard to top. I had the pleasure of doing exactly that for Trent & Ken from Anchorage, Alaska.   One week & Patagonia, another in Tierra del Fuego, and a few days of Dorado fishing to top it off. Here are some pictures they just sent me of their trip:

Bill, one of our clients from Colorado, caught his fish of a lifetime recently on a float trip down the Limay river. In a short 2 weeks, he covered the best Alumine, Junin & Bariloche. This fish was just icing on the cake. Way to go Bill!

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This is NOT a sea run brown trout. Incredible.

Best Fishing Bloopers

My dad sent me this youtube link, and it’s pretty damn funny:

Here’s some Dorado & Pira Pita photos from last week, courtesy of our guide friend in Corrientes, Pinti. Muy picante!