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Theres no words to explain how fishing has been this last 45 days on the Limay river, it has shown us that we have one of the best brown trout rivers in Patagonia and maybe one of the best in the world.

Water level still above average, but weather has been magnific, very little wind and warm weather.  We have also caught our first browns in La Boca !! We changed our tackle also, from  using sinking lines in the very beginning of the season, we have changed to floating and floating with small sinking tips, it´s amazing to see this huge fish taking the flies almost in the surface.

We have also floated the river a couple of times and again, big trouts were there ! We have both broken our personal record of landlocked Brown trout, please check out this pics, I´m quite sure you will enjoy them!


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Unluckily water level has dropped and fishing still pretty good! We haven´t  hooked as many fish as in the very beginning of the season but the biggest fish were caught these last days.

Check out these Pics and enjoy!

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Once again the fishing season in Patagonia has started, water level is higher than any past year. Rain, snow and wind has hitted the area for several weeks and it is just starting to clear up. Anyway, we didn´t care about stormy weather,  we really wanted to hit the Limay river to catch some of the most beatiful and strongest fish in Patagonia, the Nahuel Huapi lake run browns and some decent bows. This is one of the most challenging and difficult fishing we have done, words or pics are not enough to describe this fishing.

Check out these incredible silver bullets that we caught the last few days…

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From Fly Cast America:

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Days after coming back  from my fishing trip in the northern provinces of Argentina -Dorados in the cold I and II-

I found myself  talking with my very good friend Marcelo Widmann from Bariloche about how where the last days of the season from his point of view.

Usually at the end of the season,  fisherman concentrate their energies on one of the best Brown Trout rivers in Patagonia, if not the Best, Limay River.

Here there are some Pics that I would like to share with you guys,

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