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A couple weeks ago I made a repeat trip up to the upper Rio Parana (which happens to have the best dorado fishing in Argentina imho) with Tom McMurray & Brandon White from Marine Ventures Foundation, a non-profit fisheries conservation foundation.  They were interested in investigating Argentina’s native fish species, namely the golden dorado, in order to document what issues surround the fishery and what, if any, conservation measures are being taken. After talking w/ the locals and various stake holders in the area, we discovered that fisheries “management” or “conservation” or whatever you want to call it, is actually rather progressive in this part of Argentina. Despite the utter lack of scientific knowledge on dorado populations, officials largely realize the economic value dorado provide in the form of sport fishing and tourism, and want to preserve the resource. In fact, killing a dorado is now illegal in both the Corrientes province of Argentina and across the river in Paraguay. Nonetheless, the region is acutely impoverished and many locals break the rules and poach fish just to make ends meat. But at least the attitudes of the decision makers at the top of the pyramid seem to be oriented in the right direction. Perhaps our fisheries stakeholders could learn a thing or to from them.. But enough of fishing politics. We did manage to fit some actual fishing too!


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One’s again the “Big Fish team” went for trophy fish, more exactly to catch big brownies to the middle Limay section.

The water level was high making the fishing pretty tuff, long distance cast and sinking lines were required but the guys knew how to catch them.

Big fish team also supports all efforts to preserve the wild fish and is one of the reasons why they fished this area, all the fish caught was kept for further studies that scientist are doing to preserve wild fish in Patagonia. Well done guys!

Check out the action!

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Giant sea trout

Leo and Greg with the giant fish!

This giant  was 41 inches long and had a girth of 24 inches, was caught on floating line and a small leech. This is probably the biggest fish caught in the Irigoyen.

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W E E K 3 – JAN 17 – JAN 24

W E A T H E R  C O N D I T I O N S : Rainy the first two days and after that the weather got better. We had temperatures between 8 and 16 deegres. Some days with wind but fishable.

R I V E R   C O N D I T I O N S: Water level was very high and mudy starting the week. The river was unfishable for two days, logs and all kind of things were floating down the river, trough out the days the river got lower and slightly clearer.

F I S H I N G: Unfishable the first two days. That made us go to Malenguena river again and we had the fortune to catch few fish there.
The fishing got better in Irigoyen after the river started flowing slower and the water was clearer. Excellent catching in the lower and middle section, we also caught some fish in the upper section. The fish was really spread and on the move so we could catch a lot of them.
Multi tip lines, from floating to type 3 where used, depending on the temperature of the water and water level. We got almost 20 fish on dries! It was really amazing to see huge fish coming up for the Titanic.
Fish from 4 to 24 pounds were landed.

T O T A L   C A T C H E S : seven rods fishing 6 days caught 64 sea trouts averaging 9,5 pounds and two of them over 20 pounds. The biggest of the week was an incredible 23 pounds.

Far End Rivers Guides

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Here we are again at Far end Rivers lodge!!
A new season started in one of the most exciting rivers in Argentina. We will keep you posted with all the reports weekly.


Nico and a super fresh sea trout

W E E K 1 JAN3rd – JAN10th, 2009

W E A T H E R C O N D I T I O N : Most of the days had rain followed by overcast weather. The air temperature rounded from 5 to 15 degrees Celsius.

R I V E R C O N D I T I O N S : The water level was normal on the first two days before the rain came. After the rain, the water level rose about 15 cm for a short time and then started to drop again at the end of the week.

F I S H I N G : The season started pretty well, the fish were running up the river and not stopping much in the main big pools. Most of the catches were in pools that had a lot of logs into the water, making the catches more difficult and resulting in a good quantity of fish being lost. All of the fish were bright and silver. Sinking tips were used this week, ranging from 2 to 5 inches per second. Mid sized and small flies were used.

Most of the fish were caught during daylight and we did not see a lot of fish moving at the end of the day.

The size of the fish landed ranged from 5 to 17 pounds.

T O T A L C A T C H E S : Six rods fishing 6 days caught 25 sea trout averaging 8 pounds and 1 of them 17 pounds, which was the biggest of the week.

EXTRAS : Robalo fishing was very successful during this week. A couple of hundred fish were caught, ranging from 3 to 9 pounds.

Far End Rivers .



Sarah with her first fish!!!


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One of the most respected and knowledgeable fly fishing guides in Argentina is Guillermo Ricigliano, who graciously helped us with some of the research for Fly Fishing in Patagonia: A Trout Bum’s Guide to Argentina. He seems to have a supernatural talent for always catching the biggest fish. Be it huge brown trout in Patagonia or a trophy dorado in northern Argentina, he never fails to impress. On a trip to a relatively new destination called the Rio Juramento in northwest Argentina last October, he landed what is the record fly-caught Dorado for the river. It weighted 17.5 kilos!! (38.6 lbs)

Record fly-caught golden dorado from Rio Juramento

Record fly-caught golden dorado from Rio Juramento

golden dorado from argentina

Guillermo "Willy" Ricigliano (on the left) with trophy golden dorado

Golden Dorado fly fishing in Argentina

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