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Rodrigo Amadeo & Santa Cruz steelhead

Rodrigo Amadeo & Santa Cruz steelhead

Our reliable source on the Rio Santa Cruz, Rodrigo Amadeo, has confirmed that the proposed dams on the Rio Santa Cruz in southern Patagonia are moving ahead at full steam and construction will begin in less than two months. This is yet another instance of wild rivers been tamed in the name of “progress”. What makes it especially painful for fisherman and biologists alike is that the Santa Cruz harbors the only known run of Atlantic Steelhead in the world. These fish evovled from a strain of McCloud resident rainbows and over several generations developed anadromous behavior. Not only do they migrate to the south Atlantic to feed, but they also return to spawn year after year and 8 spawning events have been documented in some specimens. Unfortunately this incredibly unique run, which has tremendous recreational and scientific value, may well indeed be lost forever.  For guides like Rodrgio who have invested lots of time tyring to figure out this challenging river, it´s going to be devestating. It’s small consolation that I am one of the more fortunate anglers to fish this river before it is lost forever.


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