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Theres no words to explain how fishing has been this last 45 days on the Limay river, it has shown us that we have one of the best brown trout rivers in Patagonia and maybe one of the best in the world.

Water level still above average, but weather has been magnific, very little wind and warm weather.  We have also caught our first browns in La Boca !! We changed our tackle also, from  using sinking lines in the very beginning of the season, we have changed to floating and floating with small sinking tips, it´s amazing to see this huge fish taking the flies almost in the surface.

We have also floated the river a couple of times and again, big trouts were there ! We have both broken our personal record of landlocked Brown trout, please check out this pics, I´m quite sure you will enjoy them!


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A group of guides (ourselves included) from Patagonia spend several days  fishing some of the best corners  in Patagonia and scouting new locations. Starting in northern patagonia near the town of Bariloche, we worked south, covering some 3000km of rough patagonia road conditions in search of big trout. The conditions were unpredictable some of the time, but mostly we enjoyed sunny and calm weather, perfect for light-weight rods and sight fishing…

The scouting started in northern Patagonia near Bariloche, in places like the famous Limay river mouth, Manso river, Traful river and some small lakes like Guess, Los moscos, Nahuel huapi and many others. The fishing was good, the water level  was high and very cold but we managed to get some fish on dries!

Our first stop was the world-famous Traful, which is known for its run of land-locked salmon. These fish are often hard to find, so we were fortunate to get a few. Although not large, pound for pound they are some of the hardest fighting salmonids out there:

The trophy of the Traful River!!salmon-traful2
Browny in Los MoscosBrowny in Los Moscos
Nice Brown from the upper Limay river

Nice Brown from the upper Limay river

After some good days in the “lake district” we headed south to chubut province in central Patagonia.

Nico and I had a very nice day at the Corcovado  river after a few minutes of walking, check it out…


Nico with a monster of the Corcovado River


Corcovado beauty

A couple of days later we decided to move further south to Rio Pico Area. For the first time the weather was so windy that it did´t let us fish the lakes but we managed to get to the rivers instead, and there was plenty of action!

We had very good fishing and even better, most of the fish were caught on dries!

Mads holding a nice colored rainbow

Mads with a nice catch!

ale-brown1what a browny Ale!

Beautifull browny!


Good fighting rainbow!!

Amazed after our good fishing in Rio Pico area we kept on going south to Santa Cruz Province where we found “the hidden lakes” , a series of large lakes scattered across a rugged terrain of volcanic rock in one of Patagonia’s most remote and uninhabited areas. The techniques were pretty simple: sinking lines and streamer fishing. We caught lots and some of them very good size..

Big Rainbow

Big Rainbow


Ale holding a a beauty


Nico couldn´t resist to hook one of this monsters

Our trip in patagonia finished in santa cruz, it was fantastic to see so many nice places  in such an immense and sprawling region, and as always  there’s still a lot of new places to go and fish that will have to wait until  next time! Next week we’re heading back to Tierra del Fuego and the Rio Irigoyen to get the lodge ready for a long season of sea trout fishing, and we’ll tell you about the fishing when we get there..
Tight Lines,
Alex and Nico

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